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Cisco Secure Network Analytics

Security for your business is 100% our business

Outsmart emerging threats with industry-leading machine learning and behavioral modeling that never quits.

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Where mayhem meets its match

Analyze your existing network data to help detect threats that may have found a way to bypass your existing controls, before they can do serious damage.

Forewarned is forearmed

Detect attacks in real time across the dynamic network with high-fidelity alerts enriched with context, including user, device, location, timestamp, and application.

Reduce policy violations

Validate the efficacy of policies, adopt the right ones based on your environment's needs, and streamline policy violation investigations.

Reveal the unknown

Use advanced analytics to quickly detect unknown malware, insider threats like data exfiltration and policy violations, and other sophisticated attacks.

Analyze with ease

Identify and isolate threats in encrypted traffic without compromising privacy and data integrity.

Experience Secure Network Analytics in action

Experience Secure Network Analytics in action

This demo walkthrough and video provides an overview of what end-to-end detection and response looks like within the latest release of Secure Network Analytics. It also showcases new capabilities such as firewall log ingestion, automated response actions and Secure Network Analytics' integration with Cisco XDR.

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Security that's even better than the sum of its parts

Where network nuances are never a problem

Use Secure Network Analytics with Identity Services Engine (ISE) to define smarter segmentation policies, create custom alerts to detect unauthorized access, and ensure compliance.

Unified threat detection for on-premises and cloud

Unified threat detection across on-premises and clouds

Get SaaS-based visibility and threat detection across your on-premises network and all major public cloud platforms without software agents with Secure Cloud Analytics.

Cisco SecureX integrated security technologies

Security operations simplified

Detect the most sophisticated threats sooner across all vectors and prioritize by impact for faster responses.

Featured product documentation

Secure Network Analytics data sheet

Understand the solution components, primary use cases, and licensing information at a glance.

Data that delivers

Discover the design principles that show how our Secure Network Analytics Data Store scales telemetry consumption, provides data resiliency, and increases search performance.

XDR Buyer's Guide

Start your journey to XDR with our guide and navigate the market like a pro.​

Secure Network Analytics is an NDR leader

Check out KuppingerCole's in-depth analysis of the network detection and response (NDR) market and NDR vendors, where Secure Network Analytics was ranked as an overall leader.