Responsible AI

Building trust through transparency

AI has the power to create a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone. To get there, we've made responsibility the cornerstone of our AI mission.

With great AI comes great responsibility

To help realize AI's incredible potential while committing to ethical AI that's aligned with Cisco's purpose, we've established clear guiding principles that govern how we develop, deploy, and operate AI-based solutions.

Cisco's Principles for Responsible AI

Cisco AI is informed by our purpose to power a more inclusive future for all, through six core responsible AI principles: transparency, fairness, accountability, privacy, security, and reliability. 

The Cisco Responsible AI Framework

Our responsible AI principles are brought to life as active controls that are embedded throughout our business.

Guidance and oversight

Advisors from our Responsible AI Committee of senior executives across Cisco drive responsible AI practices and oversee how our Responsible AI Framework is put into action. 


Controls focus on areas such as unintended bias mitigation, model monitoring, fairness, and transparency. Security, privacy, and human rights are imperative for ethical AI. 

Incident management

AI incidents—including any elements involving bias or discrimination —are tracked, analyzed, and reported to the Responsible AI Committee.

Industry leadership

We participate in industry forums on responsible AI, including the Centre for Information Policy Leadership, Equal AI, and the Business Roundtable on Human Rights and AI. 

External engagement

We sponsor and collaborate with research institutions that explore ethical AI. We also work with governments to understand global and legislative views on AI's risks and benefits. 

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