Cisco Routed Optical Networking

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Converge services to a single layer to save up to 46% TCO.  

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Streamline and optimize your network by automating network operations.  

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Deliver more services with the same infrastructure to increase profitability and minimize cost.

Take advantage of automation

Simplify management and operations with visibility, insights, and action, and to drive closed-loop automation.

Cisco Routed Optical Networking

Deliver improved operational efficiency and simplicity

What is Routed Optical Networking?

Routed Optical Networking, part of the Converged SDN Transport solution, is an architecture that delivers improved operational efficiencies and simplicity. The solution works by merging IP and private line services onto a single layer where all the switching is done at Layer 3. Routers are connected with standardized 400G ZR/ZR+ coherent pluggable optics.

With a single service layer based upon IP, flexible management tools use telemetry and model driven programmability to streamline lifecycle operations. This simplified architecture integrates open data models and standard APIs, enabling a provider to focus on automation initiatives for a simpler topology.

What is Private Line Emulation?

Private line emulation (PLE) enables private line services to be carried over the same IP network for non-Ethernet type services like SONET/SDH and Fibre Channel. Using PLE maintains the same service-level agreements and service characteristics such as guaranteed bandwidth and persistent bidirectional paths using the innovation in Circuit-Style Segment Routing (CS-SR). It includes Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) extensions for setup and control and circuit emulation for bit transparency.

PLE is fully automated via through Crosswork Network Automation, which supplies bandwidth reservation, bidirectional path optimization, service assurance, and orchestration for private line services, and service visibility from the service layer down to the fiber.

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What is Cisco Crosswork Network Automation?

Crosswork Network Automation manages the simplified network provided by Routed Optical Networking as well as brownfield and multilayered siloed networks through a single pane of glass. Its architecture consists of an IP domain controller, optical domain controller, and cross-domain controller, aligning to industry standards.

Crosswork is an industry-leading automation platform that simplifies and accelerates the planning, design, and implementation of the network. Operators can also proactively optimize the network and ensure high-quality services.

Cisco Routed Optical Networking: simple, scalable, sustainable

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